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Choose Your Builder Wisely: Look Beyond Square Metre Comparisons

Choose Your Builder Wisely

Would you compare the cost of a Ferrari to an everyday car based on its price per square metre? 

That would be ridiculous, right?

A Ferrari, known for its luxury and high-performance features, will naturally command a higher price in such a skewed comparison. 

It’s similar when building a custom home. While comparing builders based on the cost per square metre seems straightforward, it’s fundamentally flawed because it fails to account for the diversity in construction types. 

For instance, double-storey homes tend to be more expensive than single-storey homes. What’s more, comparing construction costs like this ignores critical factors like architectural design, material choices, and construction quality – which can vastly alter the price per square metre.

Think about it: a house with high-end finishes, like luxury fittings & fixtures or custom joinery, will significantly increase the square metre cost. 

So while comparing based on square metres appears to make sense, builders who do this face a strong incentive to present an attractively low square metre price to appear competitive. 

To achieve this, some may omit key elements like site costs, high-quality flooring, or advanced heating and cooling systems from the initial quote. 

This strategy allows them to advertise a lower price, but it also means the base price is just the beginning. 

As construction progresses, these “excluded” costs begin to surface creating… 

Financial Surprises that can Significantly Impact the Overall Budget of the Home


One specific example of how initial costs can begin to creep up is the site costs. Often, the price quoted before a soil analysis does not consider the potential complexities of the land. 

Once the analysis is done, it might reveal the need for additional foundation work, leading to an immediate increase in costs. 

This scenario is common and underscores why the initial square metre price can be misleading—it rarely includes all the necessary components of a comprehensive building project, setting homeowners up for unexpected expenses.

Bottom line: square metre pricing often relies on standardised, cookie-cutter house plans that may not suit every individual site or meet specific homeowner requirements. 

What’s more, these estimates fail to take into account the unique characteristics of the land, the homeowner’s personal style preferences, or specific family needs. 

The end result: you could be left with a home that doesn’t fully utilise the potential of its location or feel truly customised to your desires, leading to dissatisfaction and the potential for costly modifications down the line.

Before engaging with a builder, understanding your budget and clearly defining what you want in your home are crucial steps. Contrary to the misconception that revealing your budget upfront will lead to higher costs… 

Being Transparent About Your Financial Limits Actually Helps Your Builder Tailor the Construction Costs to Fit Within Your Means


It allows builders to propose solutions and modifications that align with both your financial capacity and your vision for the home, ensuring you receive a realistic and achievable project plan.

Early engagement with your builder to discuss budget and design is essential for a successful build. This collaboration fosters a better understanding of your expectations and the practical aspects of the construction site. 

A builder who is aware of your specific needs and the nuances of your land can more effectively plan and execute the construction, minimising surprises and aligning the outcome closely with your expectations. This approach ensures your home not only fits your budget but also meets your family’s needs.

Choosing a builder based solely on square metre pricing is a simplistic approach that overlooks the complexities of personal needs and site-specific challenges. 

It’s Important to Look Beyond Initial Quotes and Engage in Detailed Discussions With Potential Builders About All Aspects of Your Project


By understanding the full scope of what is included in a price and what isn’t, you can avoid unexpected costs and ensure your new home meets all your expectations.

Are you ready to embark on the journey of building your dream home with a builder who prioritises transparency and tailored solutions? 

All the tips I’ve covered above are just a small sample of the information I need to share with you to ensure you are well-informed before you sign anything. 

And that’s why I’ve put together a quick guide for you to download. 

Build With Confidence – Discover our 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Builder


It’s completely free, and it will help you avoid stepping into any of the potholes that can sneak up on you – and ensure you end up with a home that truly reflects your desires and lifestyle. 

Build with confidence

Discover our top 10 tips for choosing the right builder.

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